About the Site

What is the San Francisco Business Portal?

Do I have to be a San Francisco resident to use the Business Portal?

Is there a way for me to stay informed about new legislation and business requirements?

I'm not ready to submit any applications. How can the Business Portal help me?

What's new on the Business Portal?

Applying Online

How do I submit permit applications online?

What is 'My Folder'?

Does my old 'My Folder' still exist?

Why should I create an account?

How do I create an account?

What is 'My Files'?

What is 'My Checklists'?

What is the difference between a Checklist Template and creating my own?

How do I get started?

Are there any tips or tricks for my application?

What if I have to make a payment?

Why can't I submit a payment online?

How do I delete my account?

Financing, Credits, & Incentives

What happened to the Enterprise Zone Tax Credits?

What are ADA tax credits?

Does the City provide any loans or grants?

What is 504 financing?

Location & Building

How do I know if a location is ADA compliant?

Are there any improvements/changes I can make that do not require a building permit?

How do I schedule an inspection?

Can I start a business at a park? On the port? In the Presidio? On Treasure Island?

City Contracts

Do I have to be located in San Francisco to bid on a City contract?

Does the City buy what I sell?

Disasters & Business Continuity

I don’t have time to think about preparing for disasters. Isn’t it enough to have insurance?

If a disaster strikes, who should I contact for help with rebuilding my business?


Are there labor laws that are specific to San Francisco?

How can I determine if a worker is an independent contractor or an employee?

Licenses, Permits & Forms

What happened to License123?

Can I fill out my forms or make payments online?

How do I start a Nonprofit Corporation?

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