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Check your own eligibility before you apply

Not everyone is eligible to legally host short-term rentals. Before you apply, check to make sure that you meet the criteria below:

  1. You can only host short-term rentals in your home that you live in. You must live in the unit that you wish to register at least 275 nights a year.
  2. You may not rent for more than 90 nights a year when you are not home. You can rent for unlimited nights when you are home overnight.
  3. Your unit may not have any unresolved Building, Housing, or Planning Code complaints. You can check this by searching for your property on the San Francisco Property Information Map.
  4. You must have at least $500,000 in property liability insurance. Some platforms provide this, if you only book through them. Check with your platform(s).
Ineligible Properties
  • Properties located in Treasure Island, Fort Mason, or The Presidio.
  • Income-restricted affordable housing (including Below-Market-Rate [BMR] units and public housing), as well as dormitories and Single-Room-Occupancy (SRO) buildings.
  • Group Housing properties are subject to the Planning Code (and other Building and Housing Codes) and are not eligible for registration as a short-term rental under Chapter 41A of the Administrative Code.
  • Buildings subject to an Ellis Act eviction after November 1, 2014.
  • Non-residential areas within buildings, such as commercial (office/retail) or industrial (warehouse) spaces.
  • Sleeping quarters in most shipping containers and outdoor areas, including tree houses & vehicles (may also violate the Police Code).
  • Legally established Accessory Dwelling Units (most "in-law" units, also known as "granny flats").

Once we've received your application and non-refundable fee, our staff will review your application in detail to determine if you are eligible to host rentals.

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