Short-Term Residential Rental Application

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The Certificate Approval Process

Thank you for applying for a short-term rental certificate in San Francisco.

You need your business registration firstThis is the second step of the process. In order to fill out this application, you must already have your Business Registration with Treasurer & Tax Collector. Register as a business first.

This application includes a non-refundable $450 fee. Once we've received your application and fee, we will determine if you are eligible to host rentals.

If you are approved, we will issue you a short-term rental certificate via USPS mail. Your certificate will be valid for two years.

If you are not approved, we will send you a denial notice by mail informing you of the reasons for denial.

Use a different form to renewNeed to renew an expiring certificate? This isn't the form for you. We'll send you a link to renew as your expiration date approaches. Call the Office of Short-Term Rentals at 415-575-9179 if you don't receive the renewal instructions.

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