Dog Walking Permit

Required for an individual to walk 4 or more dogs (limited to 8 dogs total) at any one time, on public property.


Initial Fee: $285
Annual Renewal Fee: $114

Issuing Department

SF Animal Care & Control

Agency Type



Commercial dog walkers must meet each the following five requirements.


1. Have a registered business license as a dog walker with proof that you have been doing business for 3 or more consecutive years; OR be employed as a dog walker at a registered dog walking business with proof of employment for 3 or more years; OR have completed training that meets the listed requirements and have a valid San Francisco business license.


2. Obtain a Dog Walker Permit.


3. Have proof of $1 million general liability insurance.


4. Have all vehicles used to transport dogs inspected and approved by San Francisco Animal Care & Control.


5. Comply with all CCSF Health and Safety rules and regulations for dog walkers, including leash length requirements, canine waste dispsal, and availability of safety equipment.


See Animal Care & Control for more information.

Permit Documents

The following documents are part of this permit. Fill out the necessary forms and submit them to the issuing department to apply.