Place of Entertainment Permit

You will need a Place of Entertainment Permit if you hire a disc jockey (DJ), and/or have live entertainment of any kind for your fixed place venue.


Application Fee: $2,078
Annual License Fee: $605
Major Amendment: $1,002
Minor Amendment: $309

Issuing Department

SF Entertainment Commission

Agency Type



See the SF Entertainment Commission for more information.


Entertainment is defined as follows:

(g) "Entertainment." Any of the following, except when conducted in a private residence:

      (1)   Any act, play, review, pantomime, scene, song, dance act, song and dance act, or poetry recitation, conducted in or upon any premises to which patrons or members are admitted.

      (2)   The playing or use of any instrument capable of producing or used to produce musical or percussion sounds, including but not limited to, reed, brass, percussion, or string-like instruments, or karaoke, or recorded music presented by a live disc jockey on the premises.

Permit Documents

The following documents are part of this permit. Fill out the necessary forms and submit them to the issuing department to apply.