Food Manufacturing Cannery License

St Health Department authorization for facilities to operate, canning pH Control Foods -Acidified Low-Acid Foods (AF), and/or Thermal Process-Low Acid Canned Foods (LACF).

Issuing Department

CA Department of Public Health

Agency Type



Before you submit a fully completed application form with the required fee, please read the procedures for AF and LACF, including the procedures and requirements common to both. The application submission timing differs depending on the type of product being manufactured (AF and LACF), in that; laboratory testing of AF product will be necessary to confirm the product’s status prior to the submission of your application. Please make sure to write your firm name, license number (If the application is for renewal of your license), and the phrase “PCA Code 85124” on your check or money order. FDB will perform an on-site inspection of the plant before issuing a license to assure that the canning facility meets the requirements specified in the Cannery Statutes and the California Code of Regulations.

Please read the Procedure For Obtaining a Cannery License Application Page for detailed instructions.


Permit Documents

California Department of Public Health Cannery License Application

Guidelines for pH Sample Submission/Re-submission

California Department of Public Health - Request For pH Control

California Department of Public Health - Request For Official Sterilization Process