Processed Food Registration

Permit required to sell manufactured food to a retailer. Also required for some SF DPH permits, including Farmer's Market Booth Registration.


Fee based on number or employees, facility size, and firm activities: $348 - $1,790

HAACP Fee (where applicable): $250

Food Safety Fee (where applicable): $100

Issuing Department

CA Department of Public Health


Processors of general food commodities (e.g. baked goods, noodles, processed fresh vegetables, seafood, snack foods, dietary supplements, etc.) must obtain a Processed Food Registration (PFR) from FDB. A PFR certificate is a firm’s basic health permit. The PFR allows firms to manufacture products not specifically covered by another FDB license.

PFR certificates are also required for general food warehouses. Warehouses storing molluscan shellfish and organic food products must also obtain a specific certificate or registration for these activities.

You may have to pay an additional Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) fee. State law requires Seafood dealers and Juice processors to develop HACCP programs to assure the safety of their products. The HACCP fee supports with the review and evaluation of HACCP plans for these commodities. The FDA provides information about creating an HAACP program.

Learn more from the CA Department of Public Health - Processed Food Registration and see application for additional submittal information.


Permit Documents

California Department of Public Health - Processed Food Registration Application for Northern California