Organic Processed Product Registration

Permit required to sell organic manufactured food to a retailer.


Annual Registration Fee based on Gross Annual Sales or Revenue: $50 - $700

Issuing Department

CA Department of Public Health

Agency Type



The California Organic Products Act of 2003 (COPA) requires every person to obtain an Organic Processed Product Registration (OPPR) from CDPH, if they process or handle processed food or cosmetics that are “sold as organic”. The term ”sold as organic” means any use of the terms “organic”, “organically grown”, or like terms on any aspect of the product advertising or labeling, including on the principle display panel, information panel or in the ingredient statement.


Most organic food processors and handlers cannot be issued an OPPR unless they possess a valid Processed Food Registration (PFR) from CDPH. The Processed Food Registration acts as a basic health permit authorizing the company to engage in food processing and handling. It is required regardless of the food being conventionally or organically produced. Links to the registration applications are available below.


Learn more from the CA Department of Public Health - Organic Food Processors.


Permit Documents

California Department of Public Health Organic Processed Product Registration Application