Find a Location

Where should you set up shop? That all depends on your business type and needs. Choose between a home-based business (also called home-occupancy business) and a commercial location, and assess other important factors like demographics, safety, traffic, zoning and building requirements, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) access.


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Before you commit to a location or building space, know what you’re getting into. Every location has zoning laws defining where you can or can’t legally operate a business. The SF Planning Department enforces these zoning regulations (called the San Francisco Planning Code), reviews projects and proposals for compliance, and issues certain business and construction permits.

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Home-Based Business

Home-based businesses are some of the simplest businesses to set up in San Francisco. Many only require the most basic types of business registration. However, they still must follow the rules set by the Planning Department in the San Francisco Planning Code.

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Commercial Location

Ready to start scouting out that perfect space? Create a clear vision of what you want and need. Whether you’re interested in a retail location or more cost-effective co-working space (a shared environment for independent workers), be mindful of the site’s potential impact on your business, employees, and customers. You can do this research online, at the library, by talking with locals and realtors, and most importantly, by walking the neighborhood yourself.

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